Hello! My name is Michelle Pineda, I am a freelance illustrator and game designer based in Rockville, MD. I commonly go by Pininkela (pin-in-kela), which is a name that I created for a middle school project that I now use for everything. ;)

I primarily focus on creature and environment designs, as I have grown up in love with nature, animals, and the fantastical beings from folktales and cinema. My biggest influence has been the forest that surrounded my childhood home; it’s been the source for the majority of my inspiration as it has always felt like a magical place. I wish to capture and share the beauty, subtleties, and forces of nature and animals throughout my work.

I also value the importance of play! I love to experience different forms of games and enjoy creating interactive installations that invite players to play through spatial movements. The best challenge is designing new mechanics/controllers that ask players to move and interact with a game in an innovative form. My dream is to be able to touch the emotions of my viewers and to be able to inspire and bring out their inner creativity.


For business inquiries, or any questions at all please contact me at pininkela@gmail.com.

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